• Advanced Custom Fabrication Capabilities
  • We Pride Ourselves on Customer Service
  • Work Closely with the Agricultural Industry
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Residential and Estate products, such as gates, railings, and stairs

Custom design has always been a primary focus for Fusion Industries.  Armed with the latest knowledge and technology, we can build exactly what our customers are looking for. Using advanced modeling and design programs, we can create scale three dimensional models of any project or design.  These models give us and our customers an accurate depiction of what the finished product will be like and how it will function before it is built. This ultimately saves time and money. We also have the facilities to handle large scale projects, sporting a 17 000 square foot facility featuring 2 – 10 ton bridge cranes. In the past, we have designed and built custom diverter gates, conveyors, clamb-shell gates, fuel tanks, hoppers, ornamental gates, catwalks, stairs, and railings, to name a few.

Aluminum Coolant Box

Aluminum coolant tank, waterjet cut and TIG welded in house.

Custom Welding Table Jig

Fitting, welding and painting done in house this on this one off welding table jig.

Waterjet Cut Tuning Forks

Some custom waterjet cut aluminum tuning forks we made for a local customer.

Rotary Tube Cutter

Do you have any tubing that needs to be beveled or cut in a specific way? We can help!

Office Entrance Handrail

Need Handrails? We can design and weld anything to fit your needs.

Galvanized Warehouse Exit Platform

Welded and galvanized steel stair platform.

Truck Roof Rack

Custom fabricated aluminum roof rack for a truck. Want one? Give us a call!

Custom Aluminum Swing Gate

We offer TIG welding services also. Here is a one off gate we made for a customer.

Galvanized Steel Dome

All material was rolled and welded in house by our talented fabricators.

Finished Steel Dome Structure

Finished enclosed steel warming hut structure in The Forks located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Machined Brass Wheel

Need custom machining done? Having an in house machinist allows us to manufacture a variety of custom pieces to meet your needs.